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Company Protekt

All systems and devices manufactured by PROTEKT ensure safety during work where fall from height is possible.

Our equipment is used in wide variety of working fields - working at height, depth and mining, rescue and others. We offer both individual protection equipment (safe-ty harness, energy absorbers, lanyards) and complete safety systems

We take extra care of user comfort and reliability of our products. We always try to match all requirements of our customers.

All our products are CE certified.

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Many products have additional certificates and statements for usage in specific work conditions:

  • - Explosive zones: Institute of Indus-trial Organic Chemistry

  • - Committee for Mining Threats

  • - Ladders and rope ladders: Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining

  • - Fire brigade equipment: CNBOP-PIB

  • - Textile materials: Textile Research Institute

Personal protection equipment against falls from height manufactured by the PROTEKT company has EC-type examination and certification carried by following notified bodies:

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